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eBook Review: Tug of War by Ross Collier

Captain John Garrett of the Australian Army has been ordered back to Melbourne from Townsville to investigate a suspected intelligence leak in Central Bureau.Garrett and an American Captain, Al Tucker are placed into the unit ostensibly as intelligence officers with no one, including the current section leader Captain Anthony Myers, aware of their mission.Tucker begins to work against Garrett who desperately tries to track down the spy operating in the city. In doing so he discovers the most closely guarded secret of the Pacific war. As he draws closer to the truth so begins a life and death battle for survival. ~ via Ross Collier's website

Title:  Tug of War
Author:  Ross Collier
Publisher:  CreateSpace
Released: 1st July 2012
Source:  Author for review, thank you.

I always love an Australian Author and their books situated within Australia. Ross' book is no exception and is fantastic. As with his previous books, Sink or Swim and The Fenians; they are all placed in Melbourne, Australia. A place that is dear to my heart.

Placed back in 1942, when WWII was in full swing, Captain John Garrett was transferred back to Melbourne to investigate an alleged leak within the intelligence bureau. It is believed that somebody is leaking information to the Japanese and people are dying.

At Central Bureau whilst getting his orders, Captain Garrett is introduced to an American Captain, Al Tucker who will be assisting him with the investigation. From the get go, Garrett is apprehensive about the Captain and he doesn’t trust him as far as he can throw him.

Going under cover, Garrett starts investigating and the information he discovers just doesn’t add up. The further he goes into the investigation, the more dangerous it becomes. Garrett doesn’t know who to trust or which side the spy is even coming from. Seeing his old flame again, Jennifer, brings all his feelings back for her. This only causes trouble for them both and puts Jennifer into grave danger.

After a man is shot for being the number one suspect, things start to go down hill for Garrett. The Central Bureau believes the man has been stopped, but Garrett isn’t so sure and is disobeying the Major General in order to get the leader of the spy ring.

This is an amazing journey following Garrett from pillar to post in order to discover who the top spy really is. Will Garrett be able to put a stop to the spy(s)? Will he discover what the secret codes and messages really mean? Will Jennifer and Garrett be able to be together? What will happen to the protocols when Garrett gets caught? Will Garrett get court martialled?

This book is so suspenseful that you have to keep reading until the end. The historical detailing is so amazing that you can picture the characters and their lives unfolding on the pages. This book has it all, a hint of romance, thrilling, suspense and most of all action. The twists and turns along the way keep the reader guessing and wondering who the actual culprit is. I recommend this to all historical fiction readers and Australian’s in general.


You can find all of Ross Collier's books on Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads and Ross himself on Twitter and his website.

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