Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Graphic Novel Review: Storm Born Vol. #4 by Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead's Storm Born #4 (Regular Cover)Richelle Mead's Storm Born #4 by Richelle Mead
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank you to Sea Lion Books for supplying this copy for review. You guys are awesome.

This is another fantastic issue of the Storm Born series. Love that the book has been made into a graphic novel series, we get to see illustrations of the characters and scenes that are just amazing.

This issue picks up where issue 3 left off with Eugenie being captured by Aeson. Her knight in shining armor comes to her rescue and helps Eugenie escape the evil clutches of King Aeson. Distraught with what Aeson told her about the prophecy and what is involved with it, Eugenie returns home only to have it all confirmed. What can Eugenie do to stop the prophecy from coming true? She is being attacked from everywhere, but when her Mother is hurt in the process, Eugenie cracks and her true powers escape. Eugenie blacks out.....

We will have to wait for the next issue to see what happens to Eugenie and I can't wait to see it. Another fantastic issue and graphics are amazing too.

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