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eBook Review: Death and Magic by Steven J Pemberton

Goodreads: When apprentice wizard Adramal moves to a new school to complete her training, she discovers that several ritual murders have been committed by magic, threatening the fabric of the world. The evidence points to the killer being one of Adramal’s teachers, and the City Watch recruit her to go undercover to unmask the murderer. Can she find what she needs before the killer strikes again or - worse - without blowing her cover and putting her own life in danger?

Title: Death and Magic
Author: Steven J Pemberton
Series: The Barefoot Healer Volume 1
Publisher: Self Published
Date: 1st July 2011
Format: Kindle eBook
Source: Author via The Kindle Book Review - thank you Steven

Wow!!  The world and atmosphere that Steven has created is beyond words.  Languages, races, villages, cities and characters all created into a world that is like no other.  The bonus material found on Steven’s website is amazing and well worth having a look at.  The structures and overall picture helps put everything into place that is detailed within the book.

Adramal is a seventeen year old wizard.  She was living with her Father and also being tutored by her Father who is an infamous wizard.  Because of his high expectations of Adramal, the council decided to send her to another wizard school 700 miles away.  Everything that Adramal had known her entire life is being changed and partly not for the better.

It takes Adramal a month (or two fortnights) to get within 10 miles of this new wizard school, only to be arrested on murder charges.  Of course she is wrongly accused as Adramal had just arrived in the City.  Once the charges were dropped, she headed off and found herself in a small village where she had healed young man.  Once there, Adramal was offered the job of Village Healer, which she accepted.  Soon she was overwhelmed with patients and a letter arrived inviting her to the Wizard school for testing.  She had to accept, this was her reason for travelling so far.  Before leaving, she received a summons from the Investigator of the murders in the City.  He has asked for her help and will pay her way at school in return.  Adramal was not sure she really wanted to become a spy, but she could not afford to pay her tuition.

Adramal is accepted into the school.  She is ridiculed because of her upbringing and called names.  She befriends a fifteen year old boy and together they try to solve some of the mysteries that are going on around the school.  Perinar also helps her cope and to fit into the daily routine.  Adramal cannot confide in him her real reasons for being at the school and she becomes riddled with guilt.  The quest that Adramal undertakes is a dangerous one, but she finds courage to do what is necessary.  Adramal is determined to get to the bottom of the murders, no matter the cost.

This book is full of action, murder, intrigue, suspense and even young love.  It has it all and reminds me of Maria V Snyder’s Study series.  It is truly an adventurous and amazing book that everybody should read.  Death and Magic is the first in a four part series, the next being Plague and Poison.  This book is highly recommended to all.


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