Thursday, 4 October 2012

eBook Review: Thorns of Decision by Breeana Puttroff

Goodreads:  Quinn Robbins was prepared for her mother to be angry. After all, she’d disappeared for two days without warning; to visit the world on the other side of the Dusk Gate that nobody else knows exists. 
What she wasn’t prepared for was seeing her mother calmly sitting there, waiting for her return, as if Megan Robbins somehow knew the secret, too.
And she really wasn’t prepared to have her mother not speaking to her, not sharing whatever she knows.
Now, with her mother not talking, her best friend mad at her for disappearing, and her boyfriend, Zander, suspicious and confused, Quinn is left with only one person to turn to.
William Rose had told Quinn she was making a mistake; that lying to her family and friends and risking everything to visit his family in a world where she didn’t belong was only going to lead to heartache.
But that was before – before she’d dropped everything to be there for him when he needed her. Before her strange dreams and her special brand of persistence had helped rescue his brother. Before the kiss that Quinn and William aren’t talking about.
And before he discovered that everything he ever thought he knew was wrong.
Now, they’re on the verge of discovering a secret about their pasts that may just change everything about their futures, and Quinn and William are both about to find themselves deciding between who they always thought they were, and who they’re meant to be.
And they just might be making some of those decisions together.
Title:  Thorns of Decision
Series:  Dusk Gate Chronicles #3
Author:  Breeana Puttroff
Publisher:  Musefish Press
Source:  self purchase

Another fantastic read in the Dusk Gate Chronicles. This one gets down and dirty with the secrets that William's family seems to be keeping, not just from William but everyone.

Quinn returns from the royal wedding to be sprung by her Mother for disappearing without approval. Her Mother is giving Quinn the silent treatment severely. Doesn't talk to her at all, skips out of the house before she wakes and doesn't get home until late. Her Mother doesn't want to discuss where Quinn even was or what she got up to. Is there something going on?

Quinn's friends are also very suspicious. Zander, her boyfriend doesn't know if he can trust her any longer. She comes home with injuries and Zander gets concerned and doesn't know what is going on. Is she cheating on him with William or Thomas (William's brother)?

Quinn's dreams are getting stranger and stranger. They are of her in Eirentheos and she feels they are trying to tell her something. But why would she be dreaming of Eirentheos in the first place? More secrets!!

This series is just amazing, with this installment having more intrigue. Totally original and so very addictive. The story is so enjoyable that you can't put it down. I can't wait for the next installment and I believe it will be released towards the end of November.


You can find Breeana Puttroff on her blog, Twitter, Goodreads and Amazon.

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