Wednesday, 3 October 2012

eBook Review: Roots of Insight by Breeana Puttroff

Goodreads:  Quinn Robbins has just returned from spending ten days in Eirentheos, a world she had never known existed. Trying to settle back into her familiar life and establish a relationship with her new boyfriend, Zander, is more of a challenge than she ever dreamed it would be.
Things are just beginning to feel normal again when Thomas shows up in her world, and invites her back to Eirentheos for a royal wedding. She's excited at the chance to reconnect with the people and places she had begun to fall in love with.
What she doesn't realize is just how deeply connected with this new world she might become ... and just what old secrets might be beginning to unravel.
The second book in the beloved Dusk Gate series reconnects Quinn with the charming princes, and the pristine world of Eirentheos. From a beautiful royal wedding to a dangerous rescue mission, Quinn's adventures are about to take her life on a course that will change it forever.
Title:  Roots of Insight
Series:  Dusk Gate Chronicles #2
Author:  Breeana Puttroff
Publisher:  Musefish Press
Source:  Author, thank you!

WOW! This is another amazing read from Breeana Puttroff. Book 2 in the series is just as wonderful as the first. Breeana has created Eirentheos, another realm. She has created characters that a so lovable and a reality that is normal. These three things together make one amazing series and an addictive read.

In Seeds of Discovery Quinn visited Eirentheos while following a class mate through an unknown gate. Since returning to reality, she is having difficulty adjusting back into the swing of things and keeps dreaming of Eirentheos.

Now Zander is her boyfriend, it is hard for Quinn to split herself between him and William. How does she explain what has happened and that over a weekend she had been in another realm.

William's brother arrives to invite Quinn to the royal wedding. Quinn is over the moon excited and cannot wait to return to Eirentheos. Though how does Quinn tell her friends where she will be for the weekend?

But why does Quinn feel so comfortable in  this other realm? There are secrets everywhere, can Quinn discover what is hidden?

Another full action packed adventure for Quinn and William. The descriptions of the other realm, the villages, castle, the people are all what has made me addicted and wanting more.


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  1. Thanks so much for the fantastic review, Katie! I appreciate your taking the time to read, and I'm so glad you enjoyed! :)