Monday, 1 October 2012

eBook Review: Harbinger by Peta Crake

Amazon: As an Olympic messenger, suburban Aussie girl Ophelia Lind is used to being at the beck and call of the gods. But when gorgeous demigod Aden moves into her neighbourhood and starts taking advantage of her services, Ophelia believes life could not get any worse. She's about to be proven very wrong.Ophelia tries to enjoy a normal, everyday life while running messages for the Greek gods – but without warning an odious creature - evil incarnate - begins to stalk her. As a messenger dealing with the all-powerful and sometimes frightening gods, Ophelia is accustomed to adventures and scrapes. But this is different. Even Aden, who is madly and deeply in love with Ophelia, finds it difficult to protect her. Suddenly Ophelia is in a battle for survival and begins to question everything – her upbringing, her identity, and her true feelings for the alluring and entirely frustrating Aden.
Harbinger is a terrific romance laced with humour, danger and adventure. The deeply likeable, unstoppable Ophelia takes us on a quest that puts all the memories she holds dear – and her own heart – at risk.
Title:  Harbinger
Author:  Peta Crake
Publisher:  Destiny Romance
Source:  NetGalley

Not only is Peta an Australian author, but her novel is amazing. The story unfolds and brings some unexpected turns along the way. The easy flow of the story makes reading it so pleasurable and when I wasn't reading I was wondering what was going to happen to Phi next.

Ophelia (Phi) is a messenger for the Gods.  Her mother passed away 10 years ago and left her heartbroken and alone.  Her father is a God and as such she was given a job to hand deliver messages between them. A messenger is not meant to be harmed, they are meant to be neutral like Switzerland. But as Phi discovers, even Gods have a price.

Phi meets Aden, the son of Aphrodite.  She turns him down and Aden takes this as a challenge. Sending her around the globe with messages, he discovers this is the only way she will see him. Along her journey she finds her father is not who she always believed him to be.

The mystery of her father and the feelings that begin for Aden drive Phi to do some investigating. But questioning the Gods is not something done lightly. Phi is also hunted by a terrible creature that is looking for an orb. An orb that Phi has no idea what or where it is.

Phi's adventure begins in Chapter One and doesn't end until the last page. This fantastic book is a must read for all that enjoy mythology, humour, romance and action. It has it all.


You can find Peta Crake at her website, twitter and Amazon.

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