Tuesday, 2 October 2012

eBook Review: Code Crimson (Arkie Sparkle) by Petra James

Goodreads:  Eleven-year-old Arkie Sparkle's archaeologist parents have been kidnapped. With the help of her genius cousin TJ and basset hound Cleo, she must find seven treasures across the seven continents in seven days.
Day 1: EgyptArkie must find the first treasure in the temple of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Ramses II. But first she has to find the temple, buried deep in the sands of the Sahara Desert.

Title:  Code Crimson
Series:  Arkie Sparkle, Treasure Hunter #1
Author:  Petra James
Publisher:  Pan Macmillan Australia
Source:  Self Purchase

This is a fantastic action adventure book for middle grades. Arkie Sparkle is a miniature Indiana Jones and she is on a quest to find her parents.

Arkie comes home from school to find the house open and her parents no where in sight.  After eating the last cookie in the cookie jar, she finds a ransom note.  Arkie now has to embark on an adventure to find clues to treasures and her parents. Arkie is no newbie to treasure hunting and has all the gadgets available under the sun.

Book 1 is day 1 of her adventure and sends her to Cairo. After fighting through a sandstorm and making historical friends, she has found what she is after, but this is only the beginning.  The accompanying illustrations and the cover are also great and something kids will love.


You can find Petra James books on Goodreads and Amazon.

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