Friday, 24 June 2011

Turner's Antics - Funny Friday

This is my first blog about my children, other than my very first hello.  These blogs will be shorter than the reviews for obvious reasons.

Today was a funny day!  The children and I were getting cabin fever, so decided to head out to our local shopping centre.  The thought was good, but gee whiz, William can be a little difficult at this age when in every shop it's "William wants........".  Anyway, we stopped at the coffee shop first, I definitely needed a caffeine hit before entering the shops containing toys and other fun things for the children.  Got juice for William and a couple of Yo-yo's, plus my LARGE coffee with caramel.  The idea was to have one each, William had another idea.  I had a bite out of mine and William pinched the rest, little rascal.  He has found another cookie that he likes....

After my caffeine stop, headed to the shops for a walk around.  We both went into the book store first, but walked out empty handed.  I am currently addicted to my Kobo eReader, so would prefer eBooks.  Then next door was the pet shop, had to look at all the cute puppies and kittens.  Then some not so cuddly mice.  The last stop was Target and William headed straight for the Crayola display and I got, "William wants........".  So he ended up with a new colouring pack for Cars 2.  This kept him quiet at least for a little while.  Next we needed to find something for Emily.  You would all know (those who have children), that if you buy something for one, you have to buy something for the other too.  So Emily ended up with clothes.  It was very cute, William was helping me decide which to pick.  Going through the aisles Williams says to me, "Mum, this is pretty", and then the next aisle, said the same thing.  William ended up picking the outfit, which I found very adorable.  He does love his baby sister, even though sometimes you wouldn't know it.

Once home William was excited to do some colouring with his new purchase.  I was happy as well because Emily went to bed and William was colouring, so I had a half hour of quiet.

Please stay tuned for the next entry of Turner's Antics.  Hopefully over the weekend something will inspire me for another blog.

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