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INTERVIEW: Melody Manful ~ Dominion - BLOG TOUR

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Melody Manful and finding out a little more about the author behind Dominion. PLUS there is a fantastic giveaway at the bottom.

Title: Dominion
Series: Guardian Angels #1
Author: Melody Manful
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: 16th February 2013

I Dare You.
Look Over Your Shoulders.
Do You See Them?
They are behind you...
They are always behind you.

Abigail Cells had a nightmare the day beforeshe met Gideon, the new guy in school
who has every girl drooling just to be near him. In her nightmare, she was murdered by a magical creature. As she gets to know Gideon, she begins to remember pieces of her nightmare and was shocked when Gideon turned out to be the creature from her nightmare. Who is Gideon really? Should Abby allow herself to fall completely for him, or is he the next disaster waiting to happen?


Can you please tell us a little about yourself with 5 fun facts?
  1. I’m very unpredictable. 
  2. I like to always be right, no matter the argument. 
  3. I like to eat peanut butter straight from the bottle. 
  4. I have a little brother and sister who seem to think I'm the most annoying person on the planet. 
  5. Most guys I know don’t understand why I'm such a huge football fan and like action movies. 
When did you realise you wanted to be a writer and what was the very first thing you ever wrote?
A couple of years ago, I decided to give the world of the authors a chance. I don’t remember correctly but I think the first thing I ever wrote was a song lyric about a girl who could fly away.

How do you come up with your characters? Are they based on real people’s characteristics?
I didn't realize that some of the characters were when I finished writing Dominion, mostly me, but other than that, the rest of the characters were created.

Who designed your book cover and why did you choose that particular design?
A very awesome artist named Daniel designed my book cover. I described in detail what I wanted and we ended up with the cover I have now. I love the finish work, and I choose to have the cover look like that because I myself wanted to see a book cover that if I saw in a bookstore couldn't help but be attracted to.

In one sentence, can you tell the readers why they should read your book?
Readers should read it because it has its flaws but when all is said and done, Dominion is a must read.

Do you have a favourite non-spoilery scene or quote from Dominion?
There is one scene in Dominion where Abigail, the girl in Pink, is in a life and death situation and the only thing she has to defend herself is a fire extinguisher.

What’s next after the Dominion and when is it due to be released?
Dominion is out TODAY!!! And what’s next after that is the release of the second book.

What’s one piece of technology you cannot live without?
My music player, I never leave the house without it.

When you are writing, do you have a set routine that gets you started or just go with the flow?
I just go with the flow, sometimes when I'm done with a scene I'm like ‘Oh, so that happened.’


Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?  Tea!
Sweet or savoury?  Savoury.
Cats or dogs?  Cats!
Day or night?  Night
eBooks or paperbacks?  Both
Favourite all time book? Harry Potter and Gates of Paradise.

Thank you Melody for stopping by today

About the Author

Melody Manful was born on June 8, 1994, in a town in Ghana called Tema. She started writing at a very early age and has been doing it ever since. Melody has two siblings and lives in Denmark with her family. She loves music, reading, and writing, and she puts a great deal into making her friends happy.


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  1. How fun! Love the interview! Quick Draw is fun!!! This is the first time I'm hearing of this novel & it sounds really interesting! I'd love to read it!

  2. I love the cover! It's so pretty and reminds me of and old Disney cartoon. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I'd love to read this book! ^.^