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Supernatural Freak by Louisa Klein - GIVEAWAY and Interview

Today I am please to have Louisa Klein visit and answer some questions so we, the readers can get to know her a little better.

Title: Supernatural Freak
Author: Louisa Klein
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: 9th August 2012

When paranormal expert Robyn Wise is offered an outrageous sum of money to cure a boy who is turning into a dead tree, she's very sceptical. A politician ready to pay that much to make his son stop growing branches instead of hair? Come on! She's more likely to be abducted by aliens. This is a trap. Or much worse. And, of course, it's much worse.
The child is turning into a dark portal, created by a powerful entity determined to absorb Fairyland's power. This means that not only queen Titania and her court are in danger, but the very balance of the magic fluxes.
Robyn'd rather stick a pencil in her own eye but. to learn how to destroy the portal, she has to sneak into the Wizardry Council, a place full of wizards who are hiding something—though it’s certainly not their dislike of her.
There, she discovers a terrible secret that could help to overthrow Fairyland's enemies for good, but puts her in the midst of an ancient and deadly war, and not as a bystander, but as the main target.
I reviewed this fantastic book a couple of weeks ago, if you would like to check it out, please click HERE.


When did you realise you wanted to be a writer and what was the very first thing you ever wrote?
I have never ‘realised’ I wanted to be a writer, in the sense that I've never had an ‘epiphany’. I've been telling stories since I can remember, long before I could even read or write. I wrote my first story when I was seven. It was a fairy tale called ‘The Magic Velvet’, already with a lot of humour in it!  

Is there another author that you aspire to be like?
Oh, well, there are many. Talking about mainstream, JK Rowling for a start and, as a general story-teller, my idol: Joss Whedon. 

How do you come up with your characters? Are they based on real people’s characteristics? 
Some partly are, others are totally invented. One author who reviewed my book stated that some of my British characters were ‘overly British’, almost caricatures. Well, if you think I have exaggerated, just come to the UK and look around: most people here are much more eccentric and much weirder than those I put in my book! Honeslty!:). The only character 100% based on a real person is Martino, who’s in fact a dog: my beloved, sweet wonder dog!

{that's sweet}

Who designed your book cover and why did you choose that particular design?
My cover designer is Regina Wamba ( and she rocks! She actually works for Harper and Collins, among other things. I highly recommend her, since she’s kind, professional and super-talented! As for why I chose that particular design… I chose it because it’s freaking awesome, don’t you think? ;)

{Yes I do, I love the cover and once you read it, you will understand the significance of the birds.}

In one sentence, can you tell my readers why they should read your book?
It’s an adventurous, action-packed urban fantasy with a cute love interest.

What’s next after Supernatural Freak and when is it due to be released?
Well, Supernatural Freak is the first of a 4 book series. The second ‘instalment’ is called ‘Supernatural Fog’ and I have just started working on it, so there is no release date yet.

{Awesome, can't wait! *woot*}

If you could have one special ability, what would it be and why?
I would love to be able to talk to animals. I think we have so much to learn from them; in a way, they are so much wiser than people! If only we could talk to them, the learning process would be so much faster!:)  

What’s one piece of technology you cannot live without?
My laptop. I literally sleep with it by my side. Thing is, I live in the UK and because of my job/my book I need to be in contact with American bloggers and businesses and… You are 8 hours earlier than us! I often get  urgent emails in the middle of the night and I must write back!      

When you are writing, do you have a set routine that gets you started or just go with the flow?
I try to set a routine as much as possible (of course it’s not always possible, because of my job). When I can, I get up at 8, have a pint (literally) of latte for breakfast, send a few emails, walk my dog and then start writing. I usually have lunch at 1 o’clock and then carry on until 3-3.30 p.m. Then, I go to the movies if they’re showing something interesting like The Hobbit or The Avengers. As a journalist, I can enter for free in the afternoon and it’s AWESOME!:)

{Wow, that is awesome.}


Tea, coffee or hot chocolate? All 3! {haha, me too}
Sweet or savoury? Both!
Cats or dogs? Both!
Day or night? Night and rainy days, please!
eBooks or paperbacks? Both, but when you live in a small place like me, ebooks are a necessity.
Favourite all time book? Alice in Wonderland.

About the Author

Source: Goodreads

Louisa Klein is 25, lives in the UK but was born in Germany and brought up in Southern Europe by a German dad and an Italian and French mum, which made her a little confused at first. She has a degree in Medieval Studies and a postgraduate one in Marketing. She's been working in publishing on and off since she was 17. A freelancer and an urban Fantasy writer during the day, at night she puts on a mask and fights British crime. She gets very little sleep.

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