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Book Review: Taken by Emma Knight

Goodreads Summary: Rachel Wood finally learns the secret that her new boyfriend, Benji, has been hiding: he is a vampire.
But Rachel refuses to believe it. Thinking he is crazy, she runs from him, and resolves to never see him again.
But despite herself, Rachel can’t stop thinking of him. As he comes to her in her dreams, Rachel can’t help wondering if maybe, just maybe, it is all true.
Meanwhile, Rachel is back in high school, the day after her dreaded homecoming dance, and is left to deal with the fallout of the brawl. Rob’s football friends were injured, but that doesn’t stop Rob from falling for Rachel all over again. And despite herself, she realizes that she just might still have feelings for him, too.
Rachel’s social pressures build from her group of friends, and she is forced to lie to her parents, and sneak out, in order to get out of being grounded and have any social life. Her sister, Sarah, covers for her, as those two start to develop a deeper bond.
But problems only escalate for Rachel, as Benji comes back into her life, bringing danger with him. She discovers his world at his ancestral home in the mysterious Lyndvia Castle on the Hudson River. But just as their romance is blossoming, Benji’s twin brother shows up with a message that just might mean the end for all of them. Rachel will have to decide just how much she wants to sacrifice to be with the love of her life.

Title: Taken
Series: The Vampire Legends #2
Author: Emma Knight
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: 21st December 2011
Format: Kindle eBook
Source: My Shelf
Challenge: Paranormal Challenge - Vampires

This is a total continuation from Sworn, book one and the first paragraph takes off from where it ended. I did like this aspect and it set the whole story for this book. The storyline is interesting, but a little typical of vampire stories, the characters aren’t yet fully explored and I am interested to read the next couple of books to see where they go.

Benji and Rachel escaped the school dance and Rachel is trying to get Benji to explain how he is capable of such strength and speed. Benji is frustrated and doesn’t want to share his secret, but knows Rachel has given him an ultimatum. Buggering it all, he spills the beans and this day is the beginning of all the trouble.

Rachel doesn’t believe what she hears and runs away from Benji. Arriving home she finds the police and worried parents. Telling them all she knows (except for the sworn secret), Rachel goes to bed worried and anxious.

School is horrendous; everybody is talking about the horrible fight from the dance the night before. Rachel is so embarrassed and her friends don’t really help; she is the focus of all the students and the football team is in hospital because of her.

The whole town is wondering who and where Benji is and trying to get answers. Rachel is becoming the bad girl, with the influence from her friends, but her relationship with her sister is becoming better and they seem to be closer than ever before.

This book does focus more on Benji and his story; giving some backstory and why he made the decision to tell Rachel. But there are always consequences and this one has been major. Telling the secret is forbidden and this has caused chaos with another coven. Rachel and Benji are now in danger.

There are some twists and turns along the way, the ending is left open in a huge cliffhanger. The introduction of Benji’s twin brother, Hunter is an interesting addition. He is a total opposite of Benji and I hope he continues to appear in future books. The book does focus on teenage angst and peer pressures, with the added fun of vampire life. I did rate it a 3, but will read the rest of the series.


About the Author

Emma Knight is author of the bestselling vampire series THE VAMPIRE LEGENDS, consisting of four books and counting: SWORN, TAKEN, BITTEN and CHOSEN. Emma loves to hear from you, so please stay in touch and visit her website.

Book 1 - Sworn is currently FREE for Kindle.

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