Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Giveaway Tug of War by Ross Collier

Today I am lucky enough to have a giveaway of an awesome Australian historical thriller written by one of my favourite Australian Authors. Ross Collier has recently released Tug of War and is generously giving away a paperback to one lucky winner.

Author Bio:

Ross has been writing for a number of years but decided to publish his own books when a publisher accepted one and then decide it didn't fit their list after all. He was an early adopter of Internet publishing with Jacobyte Books. He writes thrillers because he has had a long love of the genre since reading his first Enid Blyton's 'Famous Five'. He believes thrillers offer the opportunity to write observations about society and human nature in a readable narrative. He lives on a small farm in central Victoria, Australia, is a partner in an accounting practice and is married with three children.

Tug of War is the third book in Ross' collection.

Summary: Captain John Garrett of the Australian Army has been ordered back to Melbourne from Townsville to investigate a suspected intelligence leak in Central Bureau.
Garrett and an American Captain, Al Tucker are placed into the unit ostensibly as intelligence officers with no one, including the current section leader Captain Anthony Myers, aware of their mission.
Tucker begins to work against Garrett who desperately tries to track down the spy operating in the city. In doing so he discovers the most closely guarded secret of the Pacific war. As he draws closer to the truth so begins a life and death battle for survival.

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Sink or Swim summary:  Harry Gordon, sports hero and merchant banker, finds that despite his best efforts, a year after taking over the family steel business it is on the brink of collapse. Then he discovers that the seemingly random events leading to this point are not simply related to market forces. In a race against time that becomes a matter of life and death, Harry is forced to draw on all his skill and courage to avoid certain disaster.

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The Fenians summary:  When a bomb explodes at the Australian Open tennis tournament, freelance photographer Jack Summers is caught up in the hunt for the bomber. One puzzle leads to another, until Jack stumbles across an assassination plot with its roots deep in history. In modern Australia, an ancient secret society is out to wreak havoc.

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To purchase books written by Ross Collier, visit Amazon, Kobo Books or Smashwords and you can find Ross on Twitter, Goodreads and his website.

Giveaway ends Tuesday 30th October 2012 and is open internationally.

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