Sunday, 30 September 2012

eBook Review: Seeds of Discovery by Breeana Puttroff

Goodreads:  Quinn Robbins' life was everything she thought a teenager's should be. She has good friends, a family that she loves, good grades, and an after-school job she enjoys. And, she's just been asked out by Zander Cunningham, a popular football player and great guy. But one day when driving home after picking up her little sister from the baby-sitter's, she nearly hits a boy who, after running blindly into the street, mysteriously disappears.
The mystery only deepens as she figures out who the boy is; William Rose, a reclusive, awkward boy from school who always has his nose in a pile of books.
As she becomes more aware of his behaviour it becomes more obvious how out of the ordinary William is and how hard he deliberately tries to blend into the background. This only intrigues her more and she finds herself working to find out more about him, and exactly where he keeps disappearing to.

Title:  Seeds of Discovery
Series:  Dusk Gate Chronicles #1
Author:  Breeana Puttroff
Publisher:  Musefish Press
Source:  Author via The Kindle Book Review

This series is going to be amazing and I cannot wait to read the next. The easy flow of the story and the characters are down to earth, which naturally evolves into a page turner.

Quinn is a typical teenage girl, going to school, having friends and even a potential boyfriend. William is classed as a loner and nobody seems to notice or pay him attention. One day Quinn notices William walking toward a bridge and doesn't understand what he is up to. She sees him a again and her curiosity is piqued. Deciding to follow him, she ends up in another world entirely. Some how she has walked through a gate and into another place.

Quinn is now a guest of this new realm and gets to discover a whole new way of life and adventures.

I highly recommend this to all fantasy readers. The adventures that the reader follows with Quinn is addictive and you can't help but fall for the characters and the world Breeana creates.

The next book in this fabulous series is Roots of Insight.



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