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BLOG TOUR: Tales from Frewyn: The Opera - Interview with Michelle Franklin

Goodreads: When due homage is paid to the heroes of Frewyn, what could possibly go wrong? 

The Frewyn Players at the Royal Theatre in Diras are looking for new material to perform when a famous director from Marridon arrives to impart a Marridon theatrical pastime that is certain to make them famous. An opera will be their new performance, one that glorifies Frewyn's greatest heroes, but what begins as homage ends as mockery, and the play that would make them the greatest exhibition in Frewyn might instead make them the Den Asaan's most merited enemy.

I have the pleasure of participating in this awesome blog tour.  This quick read is fabulous and a must read to all fantasy lovers.  Please check out my interview below with Michelle Franklin and if you would like to see my 5 explosion review, please click HERE.

Thank you Michelle for visiting my blog today, I am so very excited to have you here.

Have you always wanted to be an author?
I certainly always wanted to be a writer. It was the only thing I seemed able to do. I was horrid at everything that it seemed the logical choice, albeit not the easiest profession to succeed in.

Who are some of your favourite writers and have they influenced your writing in some way?
Jane Austen, T.H. White and David Eddings are my muses. I learnt romance from Jane, emotion from White, and humour from Eddings. I knew I wanted to write fantasy after reading Eddings' Belgariad, and I knew I wanted to write romance after reading Persuasion. White's Ill-Made Knight is a perfect blend of the two, and I aspired to follow a similar route: blending fantasy, romance, and humour.

Can you tell us what a typical writing day for you is like?
It's rather uneventful for anyone but me, I assure you! I wake up, sit down to write for about 8 hours. Go out for a walk, come back and write for another 8 hours.   KtTurner-(wow, that is a long day)

Can you tell us a little about Tales from Frewyn: The Opera and what gave you the idea to write a comedy?
The Haanta Series, and specifically the first book in the series “The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu, went on tour this September. To spread word of the tour, I was advised to announce the event through a series of ads taken on various fantasy and romance websites. I thought this would be easily done, but when I was asked to write a tag line for one of the ads on an extremely popular romance blog, I had little idea what to write that would appeal to the site’s general audience. I perused the various other ads on the home page and cringed to myself to see their cinema-esque taglines. I thought to myself, “Well, if I must,” and proceeded to write the phrase: Two hearts, two warring nations, one forbidden love. I laughed for a good ten minutes at how ridiculous that sounded, and when I showed the ad to Twisk, she instantly went to work in drawing a picture for such a phrase. She then entreated me to write a story that would match and therefore I wrote the Opera: a ridiculous farce about how the commander and Den Asaan met.

What is up next for you?
I just finished Khantara, the standalone book about Rautu's parents. Next is Commander and Den Asaan Vol 2.         KtTurner-awesome

What is the best piece of advice you would give to a fellow writer?
I should never wish to give any advice because every writer is different. What works for one may not work for another. I can only say: Write, read, rewrite, and never give up.

What are your top 5 all time favourite reads?
 Emma, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, The Belgariad, The Once and Future King, in no particular order. 

What is the next book on your TBR pile that you are excited to read?
Mistress Marsham's Repose by TH White. It's one of the few books of his that I have not yet read.

Tea or coffee?
Depends. Morning, coffee. Evening,Tea.

Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream?
Chocolate. The answer is always chocolate. 

Cats or dogs or other?
Cats. And I have two of them. 

Morning person or night owl?
Night owl. I write till 9am and love going to bed at sunrise. 

Sweet or savoury?
Depends what we're talking about. 

Favourite food?
Chocolate. The answer is ALWAYS chocolate.

How awesome is Michelle!!  Thank you Michelle and you can find Michelle Franklin on GoodreadsTwitter,AmazonFacebookSmashwords and her blog.


  1. TY for hosting! I hope you enjoy the rest of the tour!

  2. Oh Michelle- chocolate and Persuasion two of my favs. If I didn't already enjoy the Haanta stories that would have drawn me in.

    Looking forward to reading those future endeavors that were mentioned.

    Thanks for the post and the interesting interview.