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Guest Post from Author Michelle Franklin

I have just finished reading the first in this series, The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu and found it amazing.  I am lucky enough to be offered a guest post from Michelle Franklin and please find below and excerpt from the amazing book.

Michelle Franklin is a small woman of moderate consequence who writes many, many books about giants, romance and chocolate.
Sole Author of "The Haanta Series: the longest online, ongoing, romantic fantasy series. "

Other books from Michelle Franklin

I have favoured a couple of quotes:

"I'm glad you can always find a way of amusing yourself," the commander teased the Den Asaan.  "Your ardent looks only attract me and petrify everyone else.  If you wish to be friends with this young gentleman, you shall have to speak to him.  I daresay your fervent speeches will only repel him further at this point, however.  How taxing kindly introductions are for you." location 2250 at 66%

"I should rather enjoy being claimed by and ill-tempered mountain," the commander mused, hoping to return the giant's consideration toward the subject.  "Roaring arguments, precarious sensual endeavours, weapons.  How could I resist such an alluring offer?" location 2329 at 69%

EXCERPT:  "Night came and they each went to their quarters. There 

was reluctance on both sides to separate when the remainder of the evening 
could be spent in more pleasurable manners, but discretion got the 
better of them. They came to their doors, but would not enter. They
gave one another one last hesitating look before resolving to settle in
for the night, but there would be only restlessness and a wondering of
what the other was doing.

Once, however, the giant had almost yielded to their parting looks.
She had made a remark of how cold the particular evening was. She,
delighting in the cold, had declared the giant must be freezing in his
quarters and could use her as a warming object. She had laughed, he
did not. He responded with docile glances. His sensibilities had been
roused and they would not be suppressed as long as she stood in the
entranceway of her room. He made silent pleas for her to go inside
and close the door, but he struggled with his notions in vain. She had
approached him, was smiling at him, was evening touching his arm.
He watched her finger trace the outlines of his enormous arms and
his breath became full. This was too much, it could not be borne for
long. The manner in which she smiled and the readiness she exhibited
in resigning herself to him was a temptation he could not endure. She
began to speak, but he silenced her, suddenly pressing her against the
wall of the hold with his immense body. She had stirred him with her
forwardness and now she would feel the truth in what she had done.
He clamped his hand around her large breast and invaded her mouth
with his tongue. She complied with his insistent conquest and tugged
on his hair to pull him close. She moaned as he crushed her breast in
his mighty palm and responded with eager motions of her own. Her
hands wandered below and before she could undo the fastening of his
war kilt, the giant excused himself and removed himself from her. He
bid her a goodnight, he must train, he must go, he must do something,
he must distract himself from such pleasurable endeavors. He would
be home soon, he would not be allowed this, and to torment himself
with the suggestion that he might be able to keep her was enough to
force him elsewhere. He went to the lower deck and sat in mediation,
hoping that murmuring the scriptures of his people would succeed in
quelling his agitation, but he was mistaken. He had enough relief to
feel in returning to the islands and here was a fresh disturbance to ruin
his composure. He began to wonder if inviting her was poor judgment
on his part. It had been a selfish invitation, one that would assuage one
distress, but give birth to another. Since the war, his inherent rage was
never in peril of surfacing without the object of battle before him, but
this aggravation of mind had disquieted him. The imprint of her heavy
breast remained in his hand. He touched his palm to absorb the warm
remains and caught the fragrance of her skin when lifting his hand
to his cheek. He sighed in disdain, angry at himself for forfeiting his
unaffected composure. This new vulnerability was a sensation he did
not enjoy, but he wondered if it was a worthy trade in exchange for the
woman to whom he was becoming bound."

Please see my 5 star review.  Find Michelle Franklin on GoodreadsAmazonTwitter and Facebook. Michelle is an awesome author and a wonderful Lady. Thank you Michelle for this guest post and the wonderful books.

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