Monday, 12 September 2011

Turner's Antics - catch up

Hello, so I haven't written one of these in a while, too preoccupied with my book reviews. I'm not neglecting the children at all, but just don't seem to find the time to sit & work out what they have been getting up to lately.

With the wonderful invention of the iPad, I am watching the children in the lounge & typing away. Excellent! 

Our little angels are getting bigger everyday & Emily seems to do something extraorndinay all the time. She turned 1 last month & it was an exciting milestone because she is starting to walk as well. We are in strife now, well William is anyway.

Went for a trip to see our family, my Dad turned the big 60 & my sister organized a surprise birthday party. We arrived & surprised him too. It was a lot of fun William loves going to visit. The plane trip was exhausting for me. I don't really like flying with the 2 kids by myself anymore. It is hard to keep them both entertained in such a small space, even though it is only a couple hours on the plane. Flight up was good, but coming back was harder. At least we won't have to do that again, we are moving back to Queensland at the end of this year. Everyone is excited, but the actual packing is painful. The kids like to "help" too! Both kids must be going through a growth spurt right now. We can't seem to be able to fill them up. Forever eating! That's a good thing I suppose.

William, being 3 and half is coming up with some beautifully funny words now.  He is trying to pronounce words like delicious, disgusting, beautiful, just to name a few & he is saying "OH MY GOD" when something doesn't go his way.  It is hilarious & beautiful at the same time.  He seems to have grown up a lot in the last few weeks.

While we were in Brisbane, we were lucky enough to watch the Riverfire fireworks from my sisters place.  William had an absolute ball watching his first (from a distance) & Emily enjoyed them as well.
Overall a great night & a fantastic visit to Queensland.

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