Monday, 5 September 2011

Graphic Novel Review: Pariah #3 by Aron Warner

Aron Warner's Pariah issue #3Aron Warner's Pariah issue #3 by Aron Warner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Robert Maudsley knows what makes us tick. He knows what people want, need, hate and love. He can use that knowledge to get us to do whatever he wants, no matter how dangerous, immoral or repungnant that might be. Maudsley has no moral compass. He has no compassion. But he's very curious about how far he can push people and what he can get away with. Maudsley wants to rule the world. Maudsley wants to control us all. Maudsley is 15 years old. "

The third issue of Pariah & things are starting to click into place. Maudsley is a very troubled teenager & causes mayhem everywhere he goes. His parents aren't much help either & only encourage him to cause trouble. As a Vitro he is super intelligent & tries to make up a master plan.

Maudsley's parents are too simple for him now & he decides to leave them. Once out on his own, working out which person to subject go his plan, another Vitro approaches. Franklin Hyde (from issue #2) approaches & offers Maudsley freedom & the availability to use his "gift" on other Vitros. They are going to an island, that is only inhabited by Vitros.

What is Franklin up to? Why does he need to use Maudsley to control the other Vitros? I guess we will have to wait & see in the next issue of Pariah!

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