Sunday, 4 September 2011

Book Review: Destined (The Vampire Journals #4) by Morgan Rice

Goodreads: In DESTINED (Book #4 in the Vampire Journals), Caitlin Paine wakes to discover herself back in time. She finds herself in a cemetery, on the run from a mob of villagers, and seeks refuge in the ancient cloisters of Assisi, in the countryside of Umbria, Italy. There, she learns of her destiny and her mission: to find her father and the ancient vampire Shield needed to save mankind.

Destined (The Vampire Journals, #4)

But Caitlin's heart still pines for her lost love: Caleb. She desperately needs to know if he has survived their trip back in time. She learns that her mission requires her to go to Florence, but if she wants to pursue matters of the heart, she must go to Venice. She chooses Venice.
Caitlin is overwhelmed at what she finds. Venice of the eighteenth century is a surreal place, men and women dressed in elaborate costumes and masks, celebrating an endless, lavish party. She is thrilled to discover and reunite with some of her close friends, and to be welcomed back into their coven. And she is excited to join them in Venice's Grand Ball, the most important costume dance of the year, where she hopes, once again, to find Caleb.
But Caitlin is not the only one who can travel back in time: Kyle soon arrives, too, and is determined to hunt her down and kill her once and for all. Sam, too, arrives, determined to save his sister before it is too late.

Caitlin awakes to find herself buried in the cemetery.  She has gone back in time to 1790 & the villagers have "killed" & buried her.  She breaks through the earth & out of her grave only to be attacked & chased by these villagers.  Her only building in site is a church & once inside a lonely Priest is of her kind & helps her hide.

Caitlin has to decide whether to follow her heart or her head.  Does she try to find Caleb or the shield?  Of course she decides to follow her heart, which takes her to Venice.  She find some friends from her future & attends a ball in hopes of finding Caleb.

Walking back to her gondola, she walks past a couple with a child.  She stands frozen because it is Caleb with his wife & son.  Caitlin confronts him & he has no memory of her or their love, so she has to leave disappointed.

Determined to put it all behind her, she now tries to find the shield.  She is so close only to be kidnapped by her evil enemy Kyle, whom has also travelled back in time to stop & kill her.  Caitlin wakes up in a cell in Rome. Since she won't tell Kyle where the shield is, he tries to torture her & makes her battle beast, vampires, humans & even her brother, Sam.  In the end Caitlin bested them all & Sam helps to defeat Kyle.  Caleb remembers Caitlin after things go wrong at his coven & he too comes to her rescue yet again.

Off they go to search for the shield & find out they again have to travel back in time.

This was another fantastic installment in the Vampire Journals.  I rated this a 4stars.  It was non-stop action, Caitlin was learning to fight on her own & win her battles.  She also learnt to trust her own instincts.  This is a Gladiators meets National Treasure & I can't wait to read Desired, number 5.

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