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ARC Book Review: Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Goodreads: "A ship heading for New Earth is halfway through its incredible journey across the galaxy. On board, sixteen-year-olds Waverly and Kieran are part of the first generation born in space. They are in love. They believe their future is written in the stars. They have never seen a stranger before...

...until the day they are wrenched apart and suddenly find themselves fighting for their lives."

Glow (Sky Chasers, #1)

Title: Glow
Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
Expected Publication: 27th September 2011

This is a fantastic read & I loved it.  This is the first in the Sky Chasers series & I can't wait for the next one.

This follows two ships that have left Earth to find New Earth.  The children on these ships haven't known anything else, they were born on them & haven't seen anybody except those aboard their ship, the Empyrean.  They have been travelling for around 40 years already, halfway through their journey.

Waverley & Kieran are around the same age.  Kieran is in the making to become the next ship Captain & as Waverley is the oldest girl & they are in love, everybody expects them to marry & have children for the next generation.

One day the other ship appears out the portal window.  They shouldn't be seen as this ship left first, called the New Horizon.  Everybody on the Empyrean are concerned & do not understand why the Captain hasn't announced them & their contact. All of a sudden the Captain makes an announcement for all Volunteer Security crew to the shuttle bay.  The New Horizon are trying to board & appear hostile.

There is a mass panic, the children are told to go to the auditorium while the parents & all adults try to ascertain what is going on.  Waverley is in charge of the children & they are all together.  Kieran has gone with the adults to the shuttle bay & has found the New Horizon crew has blown the doors open with people flying out into space & some escape onto a shuttle for safety.  Keiran runs to check on the children & finds that all the girls have been taken captive & taken to another shuttle bay.  All the boys are in shock & Keiran goes with the remaining adults to try to save the girls.  When they arrive at the shuttle bay, all the girls have been taken aboard a shuttle, to stop the Empyrean crew from a rescue the New Horizon crew start shooting & killing the adults.  The shuttle with all the girls has escaped.

With the shuttle gone, a OneMen ship has been spotted near the Empyrean's nuclear reactors.  An explosion is felt & a melt down is occurring.  The remaining adults try to save the ship while they are being exposed to radiation.  Since the Captain is gone, Kieran has assumed the leader roll.  Trying to help the adults & save the ship.  The Head Pilot has a son who is the same age as Kieran, Seth.  Seth loves Waverley as well, but cannot act on his feelings.  When things go wrong with the adults, Kieran & Seth take a shuttle to save them.  When they come back, Seth is taking over the ship & puts Kieran in the brig for putting everybody in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, on the New Horizon, the girls are all frightened & have been told conflicting stories.  Waverley isn't believing anything their Captain is saying & is causing all sorts of trouble.  A crew member on the New Horizon has given Waverley a message that says the adults are being held on the ship.  Waverley attempts to free them & is shot in the process.  Another couple of girls & Waverley are planning to escape & rescue the adults.

Back on the Empyrean, Kieran fights back & wins back his leadership, puts the baddies in the brig this time.  They are back on course & just waiting for the time they can start the radar to track shuttles & the New Horizon.  The boys continue to maintain the ship & live.

Waverley & the girls attempt their escape after weeks of planning.  They escape & try to meet up with the Empyrean.

The Empyrean is out of the nebula & the radar can be turned on.  A blip is found & Waverley's shuttle is seen.  Kieran speaks with Waverley & is relieved they have been found. 

While Kieran has been leader, he started having Services every Sunday.  Waverley had to endure these while imprisoned on the New Horizon & didn't like the person that Kieran has become.  They have both changed since the event.

What will Waverley do?  Can she stand beside Kieran when everything within her can't stand what he is becoming?  Will she turn to Seth & help him escape the brig?  Will she be pregnant from her reunion with Kieran?  Can they catch up to the New Horizon?  Will they reach New Earth? What has happened to the adults from the shuttle aboard the New Horizon?

My opinion: I absolutely loved this book, couldn't put it down once I started.  I was drawn into the lives of Waverley & Kieran & can understand both sides.  When Waverley returned & is heart broken by Kieran's change, I was crying along with her.  Can't wait for the next installment to come out.

I rated this a 4stars! Recommend to everybody.

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