Saturday, 2 July 2011

Turner's Antics - Funny Friday #2

What a week! It is so very hard when your children have a cold & are miserable.  This only makes life harder to everybody in the family, but especially Mum.  Had a very trying week due to the colds of the children, but William still attended Kindergarten because it was the last week before school holidays.  His last session was a end of term party & the theme was Pyjama Party/Teddy Bear's Picnic.  Of course like a lot of children at the moment, William's favourite characters are from Toy Story, so he wore his Toy Story pyjamas & took Woody for his show & tell.  He was extremely excited about the whole thing, of course to show off his toy, but also to eat all the junk food.  There was a bear hunt, performed by their teacher, which all the children enjoyed & sang along.  Emily wasn't left out either, she enjoyed eating the food as well.

This is William dressed in all his glory, wearing his pyjamas & dressing gown, enjoying some party pies & sausage rolls.

Last weekend, we went for a drive to the beach.  Our children haven't seen the beach before & we thought it would be a great experience for them & us.  Both love playing with sand & I didn't really think they would be afraid.  Well, was I wrong - William was frightened of the water coming into shore.  Emily love the whole thing & didn't want to leave.  So this weekend, Daddy mentioned to William that he would take him fishing.  Oh my goodness, a 3 year old is persistent & doesn't forget.  All week William has been asking about going fishing, when Dad, when Dad??  So his Daddy better take him this weekend or we'll never hear the end of it.  LOL!

Please stay tuned for my next post, no doubt I will have some Turner's Antics about the fishing trip.

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  1. He's darn cute!

    I started following your blog, btw. =)