Sunday, 19 June 2011


Hello to all.  I am extremely new to all of this, so I will start by introducing myself.  I am a Mother to two beautiful children, William (3) & Emily (10  months).  I am married to a wonderful man who provides for us & keeps me on my toes. I love reading books, but love reading books on my Kobo eReader. I am currently reading Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr & am enjoying it immensely.  I am half way through & will blog a review once completed.

My son attends Kindergarten two days a week & will attend a playgroup starting next term.  This keeps him occupied & helps him learn to interact with other children.  I love seeing him playing with his class mates & creating beautiful art that we place on our walls.  They are also great gift ideas for the Grandparents.

My daughter to 10 months & trying to walk around; is obviously crawling all over the house & venturing into unknown places where she isn't meant to.  She is a beautiful little girl with a lot of personality & beautiful big blue eyes.  When she smiles, you smile too.

My husband & I originally lived in Brisbane, but are now living in Melbourne & have been for the past six years.  Our families are still living in Brisbane & we try as often as we can to go up & visit.

This is all for now & will keep you updated on Turner's Antics as often as I can.

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  1. Well thank you for following:) Love the fact that you're a reader too! I'll be releasing an electronic short story this month titled "Scandalous Memoirs of Sweetness". (Excitement!!) I recently did a research project on Australia and touched on each of the states so I was just thrilled to see you following!